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Something Special from Wisconsin

The team at Always & Forever Designz, LLC are dedicated to creating designer and unusual jams, jellies and relishes. These items are made with quality Wisconsin grown and made products. Several of our products are seasonal based upon availability.

Marion has been gardening and canning for over 35 years. Her creativity at matching fruits and wines together is quite unique. Flavors are unique to the fruit used in the jellies and jams. Some may need a sweet wine where others a dry wine.

Several of our jellies are used with cheese plates, especially our jalapeno jam and spiced tomato jams. Our beer jellies are good to use as a savory condiment. Use our beer jellies as a glaze for pork chops or roast, in a grilled cheese sandwich the ideas are endless.

On the savory side of our jellies and relishes are our unique zucchini relish and both our red and green tomato jams. These jams and relishes bring sandwiches to a new dimension. Try adding the spiced tomato jam to your next wing sauce, for a unique flavor.

Products we use to make our jellies

We are very proud that we use the finest products from Wisconsin for our jellies, jams and relishes. Many of our wine jellies are made from Wisconsin Wineries and matched with fruits grown locally as well. The beer jellies are also made from Wisconsin breweries so we can truly say Something Special from Wisconsin.


Jellies setup at Oshkosh, WI indoor farmers market